Carpet always adds a cost-friendly, warm and homey feel to a room.

By working with name-brand products, we can offer a variety of carpet for your home or office. We will help you decide on the best brand, style, color and material for your carpeting needs by showing you samples so you are sure you are making the right choice.


New carpet doesn’t have to be the answer, if you already have carpeting in your home and just needs a little love we are here to help. Sometimes the carpet in your home can buckle from everyday use. Big Ern Flooring company specialized in re-stretching and reseaming. Making the room feel like it got a new carpet at a lower rate.


Yep, it’s true… you can get your carpet stain treated. Do you have kids, pets or are you carpeting a high traffic area? By adding the stain-resistant treatment to your carpeting choice you enhance the life of the carpet feel, and color.

Stress less about dirty paws, spilled drinks and muddy shoes. 


Finding an area rug that matches your house perfectly if no easy task. The right area rug can add color, personality, warmth and comfort to a room. We can create a custom area rug with the perfect size and shape you need. You pick the carpet, with our samples, and we’ll bound and weave the rug for you. 


When it comes to the stairs in your home, you’ve got options, all that comes with pros and cons. To start, you want to think about your lifestyle and choose the option that works best for you, your home and your budget.

Some people find that carpeting their stairs is the best choice for them because they want the comfort and look that carpet brings. Noise reduction and durability are two other popular reasons to carpet your stairs. Others choose to avoid carpeting on their stairs because they look the look of that better. Keeping carpeted stairs clean can sometimes be a challenge for some families because you have to use a vacuum to clean them, which can add time and effort into your routine.