This is the area in the kitchen between your counters and cabinets which often times take the brunt of the messes and splashes– ahem, marinara sauce, looking at you. By using tile that is durable and easy to clean, you’ll save yourself some time and money in the long run. There are lots of ways to do the backsplash in your kitchen or bathroom, and a variety of tile to choose from. Don’t go at it alone, we’re here to help you. 


Bathrooms are high traffic areas in everyone’s home. So it’s no wonder you want it to look good for your guests! It’s one way homeowners can add a personal touch to their home without spending a ton of money. Backsplashes in the bathroom will also help protect the walls from water (because you know, some people skip the hand towel and shake their hands dry). It also makes for a quick and easy clean up. 


The most popular type of backsplash material are ceramic tile, porcelain tile or natural stone. Picking your style and color is the next big step. Always take into consideration the counter tops and wall color when choosing the style. You want your backsplash to bring everything in the room together. Patterns are always a fun way to give movement to the room such as herringbone or chevron. Some people choose bolder patterns that come printed on the tile already. Choosing a clean, timeless style is always the safest route as you want a look you will still love in your home 5-10 years from now. 

Photos of Our Work